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Mindless Ramblings, Aimless Wanderings

and all for a bit of adventure

15 November 1990
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yes is being my answer

let's go get the shit kicked out of us by love
Nothing can quite compare to my love of food, tea or hot chocolate. Sure, people are nice too, but really, can they fill you up with a warm delicious feeling of satisfaction when you're starving and want a sandwich? Only if they take you to Quiznos and pay for your food, but how often does that happen? Answer: not very.
Tracy: Hey look, Lutz is still eating.
Frank: You're savoring it? What, you think you're better than us?
Lutz: [Worried] No that's not it at all, since the surgery I have to eat slowly or my insides might explode.
Tracy: GIMME IT!
Lutz: [Stuffs sandwich into mouth and chews quickly] Ungh! It's like knives!!


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